How do you even blog?

Aside from my wide array of computer problems, I seem to have a terrible writers block. I don’t know what to write about, and I don’t know how to write the thoughts that I do have. Who do I address? An audience? Or myself? Do I address my (nonexistent) followers? Or do I simply address the general public? Decisions, decisions. -sigh-

I will say as of recently, I believe I’m growing more and more fond of the idea of a Paleo-lifestyle. I’m not a big dairy drinker/eater to begin with, -you’re welcome cows everywhere- and honestly I could care less for legumes… What might deter me, however, is the lack of grainary. No more morning bagel?! Oh the horror!!! I guess I can be one of the many 80:20 Paleo’s, and the 20% non paleo can come from  my bagels 😉 I wonder how I’ll feel about this idea come the morning . -to paleo, or to not paleo. That! Is the question-

***Apparently my “cure” to writers block is simply staying up until atrocious hours of the night: go figure.


Why did I start this blog?

I’ve never in this past imagined that I would have the desire to start up a blog, but something in me wanted to be able to share my experiences with the world (or maybe just the few people who happen to stumble upon this). I’m very eclectic in personality, so my blog will reflect that; It will be about my life and my advice that I feel as though I should share with you all. I am a college student, DIYourself-er, fitness junkie, healthy eater (sometimes 😉 ), animal lover, and avid adventurer/traveler.

This is my life